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Air Horn Compressor
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Air Horn Compressor

WINCAR is a professional air Horn compressor supplierin China with over a decade of experience. We have been engaged in the automotive parts industry for many years. Our air Horn compressor have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

This air horn compressor is equipped with three metal horn numbers designed to meet the most demanding requirements, making it easy to install and maintain. All air horn compressor are efficient and reliable pneumatic tools designed specifically for various industrial and household applications. Its powerful 3-liter displacement and 150PS power enable it to quickly complete various pneumatic tasks and improve work efficiency. Meanwhile, its low-noise design ensures that there is no excessive noise interference during the working process, creating a quiet working environment for users. Winkar has the ability to develop new types of compressors.

WINCAR Air Horn Comressor Parameter (Specification)

Voltage DC-12V Size 36x15x26cm MOQ 200pcs
Max Pressure 101-150Psi Max.Amperage 10A Cylinder size 30mm

WINCAR Air Horn Comressor Feature And Application

Features: This air horn compressor is equipped with three horn numbers, which can be used to connect various pneumatic tools and equipment, such as pneumatic nail guns, pneumatic sandpaper machines, pneumatic drills, etc., further expanding its application range. These air horn compressor are made of high-quality materials, which have good durability and stability, ensuring a long service life. Overall, this 12V150PS3 liter tank air compressor is a powerful, easy to operate, and widely applicable pneumatic tool that can meet your needs, whether in industrial production or household use.
Function: Emergency light, power indicator, tire pressure monitor, quick inflation
Application: Industrial production, automotive repair and maintenance

WINCAR Air Horn Comressor Details

Working principle: The air horn compressor is driven by an electric motor, causing the internal mechanism to produce reciprocating or rotational motion, thereby sucking in and compressing the air in the atmosphere. Finally, the compressed air is sent into the air horn through the trachea, making it emit a loud sound.

Types and characteristics: Air horn compressors are mainly divided into three types: screw type, piston type, and centrifugal type. Among them, screw and piston compressors have reliable performance and low noise; Centrifugal compressors have the characteristics of small volume and light weight. Users can choose the appropriate compressor type 1 based on their actual needs and usage scenarios.

Performance parameters: The performance parameters of the air horn compressor include displacement, power, noise, etc. The displacement refers to the volume of air that the compressor can compress and discharge per minute, while the power refers to the motor power of the compressor. These parameters will directly affect the sound size and quality of the air horn.

Application scenario: The air horn compressor is widely used in various vehicles and ships, such as cars, trucks, ships, etc. In these scenarios, the air horn compressor can provide a stable and reliable air source for the air horn, ensuring the safety of vehicles and ships during operation.

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