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Fiber Glass Roof Top Tent
  • Fiber Glass Roof Top TentFiber Glass Roof Top Tent

Fiber Glass Roof Top Tent

Wincar Auto Accessories Company, which is a professional manufacturer of Fiber glass roof top tent , was established in January 2007. This Fiber glass roof top tent come with white and black shell for option, and very easy to set up and close, Wincar has more than 17 years experience in the quality control and export service. You are 100% quality guaranteed from WINCAR!

Hard Shell Folding Tent

This Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent can also made with ABS, Aluminum shell covers. Fiber glass roof top tent is popular model for years, being very easy to set up and close. The materials for fiber glass roof top tent is durable come with 1 year warranty. Color customized for cover and fabric is acceptable for Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent.

Wincar Fiber Glass Roof Top Tent Specification:

Model No. RT09
Capacity Advised 1-2 Person, 300KG Maximum Load rating
Option Color Different color Available
Body Fabric 320g T/C cotton waterproof, canvas laceration resistant grid, PU 2000 mm belt layer permeability is strong.
Shell Material Fiber Glass or ABS or Aluminum shell for option
Opening and closing Hydraulic system
Mattress Poplin, 50% cotton and high density 7cm thickness high quality cushion
Type Automatic type
Mattress fabrics using high density cushions, with a cotton cloth mattress covers
Ladder Aluminum Telescopic Ladder (150KG Maximum Load)
Tent Size 2.1*1.25*0.95m/2.1*1.4*1.05m
Screws galvanized steel
Accessories Hardware accessory kit
Application for SUV, go-anywhere vehicle, camper trailer, business car, etc.

Wincar Fiber Glass Roof Top Tent Features:

1.Durable construction: Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent is known for its strength and durability, ensuring a long-lasting tent.
2.Lightweight: Despite its strength, it is relatively lightweight, making it easier to install and transport.
3.Weather resistance: Can withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sun.
4.Good insulation: Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent Helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent.
5.Rustproof: Does not rust, adding to its durability.
6.Easy to clean: Can be simply cleaned to keep it in good condition.
7.Quick and easy setup: Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent Allows for efficient use of time.
8.Stability: Provides a stable shelter.
9.Privacy: Offers a sense of privacy while using the tent.
10.Ventilation: Ensures good air circulation inside the tent.
11.Spacious interior: Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent Provides enough room for a comfortable stay.
12.Aesthetic appeal: May have a visually appealing design.
13.Compatibility with various vehicles: Can be installed on different types of vehicles.
14.Resistant to damage: Tends to be more resistant to scratches and other types of damage.
15.Low maintenance requirements: Requires minimal maintenance to remain in good working order.

Wincar Fiber Glass Roof Top Tent Applications:

1.Outdoor adventures and camping: Ideal for camping trips, Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent providing a comfortable and convenient sleeping option.
2.Road trips and long journeys: Allows for overnight stays while on the move.
3.Overlanding and off-road expeditions: Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent Offers a durable shelter in remote areas.
4.Nature exploration and wildlife watching: Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent Provides a quiet and concealed spot to observe nature.
5.Vehicle-based travels: Can be attached to cars, SUVs, or other vehicles for added accommodation.
6.Adventure sports activities: Suitable for activities like hiking, cycling, and climbing.
7.Photography trips: Offers a unique vantage point for capturing beautiful landscapes.
8.Festival and event attendance: Provides a private and comfortable camping option at outdoor events.
9.Remote work or travel: Can serve as a temporary workspace or accommodation for those working remotely.
10.Family vacations: Adds an extra sleeping option for family trips, especially in scenic locations.
11.Backpacking and minimalist travels: Wincar Fiber glass roof top tent Lightweight and compact option for those on the go.
12.Emergency preparedness: Can be used as a backup shelter in case of unexpected situations.
13.Short weekend getaways: Quick and easy setup for short trips away from home.

Wincar Fiber Glass Roof Top Tent Details:

Tent Body : 320g T/C cotton waterproof canvas
Mattress fabrics: high density cushions
Net weight: 52 kg
Gross weight: 70 kg
Loading Qty: 300 kg
Unfolding size: 2.1*1.25*0.95m/2.1*1.4*1.05m
Closed size:2.1*1.25*0.28m/2.1*1.4*0.3m

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