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Storage Space

Wincar is an internationally renowned enterprise dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, and export of Storage Space products. Becoming a professional Storage Space manufacturer from our company, Wincar has an advanced R&D team and first-class production line, constantly launching new products that meet market demand. Our product can meet the diverse needs of different customers. With excellent product quality, comprehensive service system, and good corporate reputation, Wincar's products have been exported to multiple countries and regions around the world, winning the trust and praise of our customers.

Storage Space, Also known as roof luggage or car luggage, it is an external storage device designed specifically for modern cars. It is installed on the roof of a car to expand storage space and facilitate carrying more self driving equipment, luggage, and other items. The roof pack is widely popular for its streamlined design, large storage space, and windproof, anti-theft, and dustproof design.Adopting aerodynamic design, reducing wind resistance, reducing noise, and also making it more aesthetically pleasing. You can choose the appropriate roof pack based on personal preferences and vehicle color. Roof bags generally have a large capacity, ranging from 300L to 550L, and can store a large amount of luggage and equipment. Equipped with advanced locks, some of which are made of ABS+ASA/PMMA materials, which are not easily cut by knives, ensuring luggage safety.Convenient installation: Adopting a fast installation system, no tools are required, making it easy to install and disassemble.

Storage Space product advantages: Storage Space can provide additional storage space for vehicles, making it convenient to carry more luggage and equipment, especially suitable for self driving tours and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Equipped with advanced locks and anti cutting materials, it effectively prevents luggage from being stolen and provides security for travel. Good sealing performance can ensure that luggage remains dry and clean in adverse weather conditions.The streamlined design reduces wind resistance and noise, improving comfort during driving. The appearance design of the Storage Space matches the modern car style, adding a sense of fashion and can also be used as a decoration for vehicles. Quick installation and disassembly without the need for tools, convenient and practical.

In summary, Storage Space has become an ideal choice for modern automotive users due to its advantages such as large capacity, high safety, waterproof and dustproof, low wind resistance and noise, beautiful and fashionable appearance, and convenient installation

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