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Roof Tent Fun

Roof tent is called car roof top tent. This is a method to build a roof tent. Car roof tent will bring you a lot of fun.

Tent mounted on the roof by the luggage rack, a pickup truck can carry up to two tents.

Usually tents are folded, with a tarpaulin covering, looking not large, square-shaped like a slice of bread.When need to camp, open the tarpaulin, lifted out of the ladder on the roof, stuck in the ground, the tent will stand up, not as strenuous as ordinary tent support poles, playing nails, take off cloth. According to their needs, leave a few small window to let the air in is OK.

Compared to an ordinary bar tent camping, roof tent is much more interesting.Everyday to the camp parked the car,you will get the tent ready in less than 5 minutes, saving time and effort;

More importantly, there is a sense of security when climbs into the tent every day, as if all possible reptiles on the ground are no longer a worry,do not worry about the ground slope or small stones on the ground.And in high places,the air is good ,open the window,feel the breezy wind,listening to the surrounding insects fall asleep really happy.
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