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Soft Shell Roof Top Tent
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Soft Shell Roof Top Tent

Wincar Auto Accessories Company, a professional manufacturer of roof top tent was founded in January of 2007. This Soft shell roof top tent is main of our products, which already produced more than 17 years. As the soft shell, it is much light weight than hard shell, and easy to open and close. Waterproof and UV fabric, aluminum frame, make the tent stable. We welcome to your OEM design and look forward long term cooperation with you!

Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent

This Soft Shell Roof Top Tent is classic models, which is popular for many years. Wincar soft shell roof top tent made with aluminum frame+ waterproof canvas. Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent with customized colors and different sizes for option, as Soft Shell Roof Top Tent manufacturer, Wincar offer high quality goods and factory low price for you.

Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Specification:

Model No. RT01
Capacity Advised 2-3 Person, 300KG Maximum Load rating
Option Color Different color Available
Body Fabric Waterproof 420D polyester with PVC coated or 280g ripstop canvans with PU coated
Protective Tent Cover Fabric 1000D PVC waterproof
Flysheet 200D waterproof polyester
Mattress Poplin, 50% cotton and high density 7cm thickness high quality cushion
Floor Aluminum Sheets 2mm thickness
Annex 200D/400D polyester with PVC
Zipper All 5# and 10# YKK
Tent Size RT01-1: 240*140(Width)*130cm
RT01-2: 240*165(Width)*130cm
RT01-3: 240*180(Width)*130cm
RT01-4: 240*200(Width)*130cm
RT04-5: 240*220(Width)*130cm
Ladder size Folding 114cm, Max. 200cm for choice; 54cm additional ladder for choice
Optional accessories Annex or Awning
Screws galvanized steel
Accessories Hardware accessory kit
Application for SUV, go-anywhere vehicle, camper trailer, business car, etc.

Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Features:

1.Convenience and portability: Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Easy to install and remove, allowing for quick setup at desired locations.
2.Space-saving: Doesn't take up interior space in the vehicle.
3.Enhanced views and experience: Offers a unique vantage point and connection with the outdoors.
4.Protection from elements: Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Provides shelter from rain, wind, and sun.
5.Insulation: Helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside.
6.Privacy and security: Offers a private sleeping area.
7.Easy access: Can be reached directly from the vehicle.
8.Lightweight and durable construction: Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Made to withstand outdoor conditions without adding too much excessive weight.
9.Good ventilation: Allows for proper air circulation.
10.Quick setup and takedown: Saves time and effort.
11.Spacious interior: Provides enough room for a comfortable sleeping experience.
12.Additional storage options: May include pockets or compartments for storing essentials.
13.Versatile usage: Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Suitable for various outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, and adventure.
Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Applications:

This Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent is used for rest outdoors or Camping sleep.
Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent fit for SUV, go-anywhere vehicle, camper, business car, etc, which very easy to open and close.
Wincar Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Details:
1.Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Material: Waterproof 420D polyester with PVC coated or 280g ripstop cavans with PU coated.
2.Size and capacity: Varies based on the number of occupants it can accommodate.
3.Frame: Consists of alloy frame for stability.
4.Roof rack compatibility: Designed to fit specific roof rack systems or comes with mounting brackets.
5.Zippers and doors: Soft Shell Roof Top Tent with All YKK zipper, Provide easy access and seal well to keep out elements.
6.Windows and vents: Allow for ventilation and light.
7.Mattress or sleeping pad: Offers comfort and support.
8.Pole structure: Helps maintain the shape and stability of the tent.
9.Rainfly or cover: Provides additional protection from rain and sun.
10.Setup and disassembly: Should be relatively easy and quick.
11.Storage bag: Convenient for storing and transporting the tent.
12.Insulation properties: Help regulate temperature inside.
13.Color and design: Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Can vary to match personal style or vehicle.
14.Storage pockets or compartments: Allow for organizing small items.
15.Ventilation system: Ensures good air circulation inside the tent.
16.Weatherproofing: Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Protects from rain, snow, and UV rays.

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