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Suspension Compressor
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Suspension Compressor

WINCAR is a experienced Suspension Compressor manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been in the foreign trade market for many years and are familiar with a variety of categories of Suspension Compressor. Our Suspension Compressor have a good quality advantage ,trendy and have a wide range of designs to choose from. Looking forward to your trial order, you can trust us 100% and become a long-term partner.

WINCAR Customized Suspension Compressor can Inflate your tires with high efficiency.This Suspension Compressor is more powerful .It takes little set up time and has higher air flow rate.It is suitable for the vast majority of car models.Simple to use and easy to carry.The quality of each component is strictly controlled,high-quality products make for a long service life.

WINCAR Suspension Compressor Parameter (Specification)

voltage DC 12V or 24V
Rated current 23A
Satefy valve 8KG
Pressure switch 80PSI-120PSI
Metal braided tube Φ17MM*0.3M
Air tank 8L
Cord 3m
Flow rate 1.8CFM@0PSI
Fill Rate: 0-120PSI          1 Min. 40 Sec.
80-120PSI         40 Sec.
Package Size 56*18*38cm/1pc

WINCAR Suspension Compressor Feature And Application

Feature:Suspension Compressor

Application:Tire inflator

WINCAR Suspension Compressor Details

Suspension Compressor has Accurate display of tire pressure data, real-time display Package:

Detailed pictures:

You can fully trust our quality!

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