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Soft Cover Awning
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Soft Cover Awning

Wincar Auto Accessories Company,a professional manufacturer of car side awning,was founded in January of 2007 in China. With over 17 year’ experience, Wincar Soft Cover Awning have stable material suppliers. Wincar has work hard in the Soft Cover Awning quality control and export service and gain many over 10 years customers, we look forward to long term cooperation with you too!

This Soft cover awning with 1000D PVC cover, which is waterproof and easy carry. There is various sizes for Wincar soft cover awning , Fly net Annex room and side walls for option. Wincar Soft Cover Awning with factory low price from China but high quality.

Wincar Soft Cover Awning Specification:

Model No. AWNINGs
Option Color Different color Available
Body Fabric 260G/ 280G canvas or 400D polyester
Protective Tent Cover Fabric 1000D PVC waterproof
Zipper All 5# and 10# YKK
Size WAWNING001 2.0*2.5m
WAWNING002 2.5*2.0m
WAWNING003 3.0*2.5m
WAWNING004 3.0*2.0m
WAWNING005 2.0*2.0m
WAWNING006 1.8*2.0m
WAWNING007 1.4*2.0m
WAWNING008 2.5*2.5m
More sizes can be customerized
Accessory Options Mesh, annex room, side walls
Product Type Car Side Awning

Wincar Soft Cover Awning Features:

Portability and foldability: Wincar Soft Cover Awning is Convenient for storage and carrying.
Wincar Soft Cover Awning come with Durable material, Can withstand different weather conditions.
Easy to install: Does not require complex installation steps.
Stability: Wincar Soft Cover Awning Can remain stable during use.

Wincar Soft Cover Awning Applications:

Sunshade and rain protection: Wincar Soft Cover Awning Provides the function of sunshade and rain shelter for the people in the vehicle.
Protect the vehicle: Reduces the damage of sunlight and rain to the body of the vehicle.
Increase privacy: Create a certain private space.
Provide a rest area: Wincar Soft Cover Awning Provide a comfortable rest place outdoors.
Field camping: Convenient for camping and other outdoor activities.
Block sand and wind: Wincar Soft Cover Awning Protect the vehicle and personnel in bad weather.
Extend the function of the vehicle: Increase the practicality and functionality of the vehicle.
Improve comfort: Make the interior of the vehicle more comfortable.
Outdoor leisure: Used for leisure activities such as picnics, fishing.

Wincar Soft Cover Awning Details:

1.Material: Wincar Soft Cover Awning can made by 260G/ 280G canvas or 400D polyester
2.Color options:Available in a range of colors to match different styles and preferences.
3.Size and dimensions:Varies depending on the application and vehicle size.
4.Frame construction:Aluminum or steel frames for stability.
5.Mounting options:Wincar Soft Cover Awning Can be mounted on the side of a vehicle/ tent.
6.Additional options:Mesh, Room, Side walls for options
7.Corner seams:Well-sealed to prevent water penetration.
8.UV protection:Reduces the effect of harmful UV rays.
9.Wind resistance:Designed to withstand certain wind speeds.
10.Water repellency:Wincar Soft Cover Awning Helps keep you dry in light rain.

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