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Roof Cross Rack
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Roof Cross Rack

With over 17 years of industry experience, WINCAR Auto Accessories Company has established itself as a professional manufacturer of Roof Cross Rack For Any Model Of Cars. Founded in January 2007, the company's extensive product portfolio includes a diverse range of items, such as roof top tents, snorkels, storage boxes, tire inflation systems, car bumpers, and luggage racks. Leveraging its wealth of expertise, WINCAR has cultivated a stable network of material suppliers, an experienced workforce, and highly efficient manufacturing processes, allowing it to consistently deliver high-quality roof top tents and associated products to its valued customers.

The Roof Cross Rack, model number S730, engineered by WINCAR and originating from Zhejiang, China. This roof-mounted enhancement is designed to elevate the utility and versatility of various car models.

Product Parameter(Specification) of the Roof Cross Rack For Any Model Of Cars

Material Place of Origin Placement Model Number Size Color For car model Surface Technic Meas Security
Aluminum Zhejiang, China roof mount S705 120CM or 135CM Sliver Any car model Baking Varnish+Plating 124*32*22cm Lock + Key

Product Feature and Application of the Roof Cross Rack For Any Model Of Cars

Premium Aluminum Build:Meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum, the cross rack seamlessly combines durability and lightweight design, ensuring enduring performance without burdening the vehicle.
Customizable Sizing:Available in 120CM or 135CM, the cross rack offers flexibility to accommodate diverse car models and roof sizes, providing a tailored and secure fit for a wide range of vehicles.
Robust Loading Capacity:With a substantial loading capacity of 50KG, this cross rack serves as a sturdy and reliable platform for securely transporting additional cargo, such as luggage, sporting equipment, or adventure gear.
Enhanced Security:Equipped with a secure lock and key mechanism, the cross rack ensures the protection of attached cargo, offering peace of mind during travels and deterring unauthorized access.
Refined Surface Technic:Finished with Baking Varnish and Plating, the cross rack not only exudes an appealing aesthetic but also provides protection against corrosion and wear, enhancing its longevity and resilience.
Universal Adaptability:Designed to be compatible with a diverse range of car models, the Roof Cross Rack offers a versatile solution for expanding the carrying capacity of different vehicles, making it an ideal choice for a broad customer base.
The Roof Cross Rack is an essential addition for individuals seeking to enhance their vehicle's cargo-carrying capabilities. Whether for road trips, outdoor activities, or everyday use, this cross rack provides a stable and practical means of securely transporting additional cargo on the car's roof. Its adaptable design and advanced features make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to elevate the utility and convenience of their vehicle.

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