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Pop Up Ground Tent
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Pop Up Ground Tent

Wincar Auto Accessories Company,a professional manufacturer of tent,was founded in January of 2007 in China. Wincar with over 17 years' experience, we have stable material suppliers , experienced workers and highly efficient manufacturing process for producing Pop up ground tent and related products. Wincar Pop up ground tent have a good price advantage with high quality. Look forward to cooperate with you!

This Pop up ground tent can set up very quick and easy in 30 seconds, and portable carry package. The Pop up ground tent with Different color can be chose, like sand, grey, green ect. Pop up ground tent install with Awning or front canopy can be optioned by you! Pop up ground tent have a good quality advantage and cover most of the European, Australia and American markets.

Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Specification:

Model No. WIN200
Option Color Different color Available
Body Fabric Waterproof 280g ripstop canvans
Protective Tent Cover Fabric 1000D PVC waterproof
Zipper All 5# and 10# YKK
Tent Size 200*208*205cm (back height is 165cm )
Accessories Hardware accessory kit

Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Features:

1.Quick and easy setup: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Can be set up in 30 seconds without the need for complex assembly.
2.Portability: Lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and transport.
3.Space efficiency: Provides ample living space while taking up minimal storage space.
4.Stability: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Designed to withstand various weather conditions and remain stable.
5.Weather resistance: Offers protection from rain, wind, and sun.
6.Good ventilation: Allows for proper air circulation to keep the interior comfortable.
7.Spacious interior: Provides enough room for sleeping and moving around.
8.Privacy: Offers a private space for camping or outdoor activities.
9.Durable materials: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Made to withstand regular use and exposure to the elements.
10.Easy access: Allows for convenient entry and exit.
11.Versatile usage: Suitable for camping, festivals, picnics, and other outdoor events.
12.Light-blocking capabilities: Helps to regulate light and provides a better sleep environment.
13.Storage pockets or compartments: Offers storage options for small items and essentials.
14.Zippered doors and windows: Wincar Pop up Ground TentProvide protection from insects and allow for ventilation.
15.Color options: Available in a range of colors to suit personal preferences.

Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Applications:

1.Camping: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent provides a comfortable and convenient shelter for camping trips.
2.Outdoor events: Can be used at music festivals, fairs, or other outdoor gatherings.
3.Backpacking: Lightweight and easy to carry, making it suitable for backpacking adventures.
4.Family picnics: Offers a shaded area for a pleasant picnic experience.
5.Hiking trips: Provides a place to rest and sleep during hikes.
6.Traveling: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Can be taken on road trips or other travels for a convenient place to stay.
7.Beach outings: Provides shade and shelter at the beach.
8.Sports events: Used as a temporary shelter during sports tournaments or races.
9.Nature observations: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Offers a quiet and comfortable space to observe nature.
10.Scouting activities: Useful for scouting trips and outdoor adventures.
11.Emergency preparedness: Can serve as a backup shelter in case of emergencies.
12.** RV camping**: Adds additional living space to an RV setup.
13.Solo adventures: Provides a safe and comfortable place for solo travelers.
14.Group outings: Accommodates multiple people for group activities.
15.Wildlife watching: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Offers a quiet and concealed space for observing wildlife.

Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Details:

1.Size : Wincar Pop up Ground Tent with Different Size for option, 2m and 2.5m.
2.Material: Made of durable and waterproof fabrics.
3.Frame construction: Include lightweight and Aluminum frames for easy setup.
4.Setup time: Quick and easy setup process in 30 seconds.
5.Zippers and doors: YKK zipper keep out elements and provide easy access.
6.Windows and vents: Allow for ventilation and light.
7.Ground sheet or floor material: Provides a protective barrier in PVC.
8.Color and design:Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Come in various styles and colors.
9.Mesh panels: Allow for good air circulation.
10.Tent stakes and guy lines: For added stability.
11.Weight and portability: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Lightweight for easy transportation.
12.Headroom and interior space: Ensure enough space to move around comfortably.
13.Wind resistance capabilities: Can withstand moderate winds.
14.Quality of construction and durability: Wincar Pop up Ground Tent Built to last through multiple uses.

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